Used without object








A4 / Used Without intuitive Object – looms as a synthesis of previous personal projects, cumulating both older works and new works. The standard size A4 becomes a visual and conceptual metaphor about how we build our world – the manner in which modern man builds his aesthetic cage, as the artist calls. Relate living space, actual human environment with a mapping template meant to suggest a reality ironic amorphous. Gabriel Stoian uses recognizable objects of everyday life as compositional elements in design and ready-made facility to suggest a perspective on customs acid present society. His approach is like an encrypted message in a seemingly harmless Matrix code with which we live every day and that is in fact our life line of code. The project is designed specifically for the gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, taking into account its aesthetics and its spatial landmarks. Conceptual justification of the project in the gallery exposure Institute is a cultural space that capitalizes Romanian contemporary art in an international context, strongly connected to the realities which the artist examines his works.

Part of curatorial text by Ada Muntean.