And give us our daily voyeurism









Currently, privacy, private space is almost impossible to conceive. With easy access to information, society has developed a system of interdependent type which aims to reveal others’ activity. The temptation to “spy ” to obsess seems inescapable. People are finding harder and harder to control their increasingly  desire to search through images, objects or other places that belong to different individuals,  our life transforms extremely easy in the lives of others. The mediums that sustain this phenomenon are the main concern of new technologies which are at the service of “information and communication” like social networks. The idea that started this project was to represent a new form of voyeurism, common, social, accepted as routine – Daily Voyeurism – without being considered a paraphilia type dysfunction.

The research, documentation implies an experimental approach to the subject as a social exhibitionist documentary type. The works are the   results of a subversive reflection on how we live and manifest when we think no one is watching us. In order to materialize this project I intend to use subliminal aesthetic formula that will manifest trough exaggeration or re-contextualization of certain elements.